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Laser Marking



3-Axis Hybrid Laser Marker

  • HIGH Power (200kW) X High Output (25W)
  • 3-Axis System: Simultaneously controls the X, Y, and Z axis to easily support three-dimensional shapes over wide areas
  • Built-in, Multi-Function Camera: Measures focal distance and automatically adjusts, “On the Fly”, to eliminate marking defects caused by focal misalignment.
  • Built-in 2D Code Reader: Automatically mark AND verify the printed data for readability. In additional to pass/fail verification, the MD-X series can determine marking quality of the code and output as a value, giving comprehensive traceability and functionality in a single device.
  • High Precision over a Wider Area, 330mm X 330mm, (12.99”X 12.99”) area. This is 1.2 times larger than most conventional laser marking systems.
  • Marking Builder 3 Software Suite: Can generate, verify, and store thousands of QR, Bar or other codes, (more than 10 options available), to ensure no two codes are repeated. Batch marking can be achieved for optimum marking of products in a palette.
  • High Speed Marking: Covers a variety of materials: Metals, Metal Castings, Plastics, Anodized Aluminum, Coating Removal, Black Annealing, Thin Film Processing.