Water Jet Cutting | Custom Laser Cutting | Southern Metal Fabricators

Laser / Water Jet / Fabrication

At U.S. Machine and Tool, we offer a full range of custom fabrication with the ability and tooling to meet almost any custom fabrication request. Our engineers and our designers can take your paper napkin drawn idea from just being an idea all the way to production. We can also go straight into production from your engineered CAD designs. Our skilled welders and metal craftsmen use top quality materials and tools to create quality finished products on time and under budget.

Range of Tooling Available:

  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
  • Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM)
  • CO2 Laser Cutting: 60” X 120” Bed
  • Flow Waterjet 60,000 PSI. 60” X 120” Bed
  • 2-CNC Press Brakes 90-Ton X 8’
  • Laser Etcher
  • CNC Mill
  • Robotic MIG Silicon Bronze and TIG Brazing
  • welder
  • Spot Welder
  • Heat Treat Ovens
  • Precision Grinders
  • Aluminum, Carbon Steel, and Stainless Steel MIG / TIG Welding
  • Silicon Bronze MIG Brazing
  • Jigs and Fixtures designed and built in-house

Laser Cutting

Lasers are able to cut through a wide variety of materials and thickness at high speeds while producing precision cuts. The process involves the application of Fiber and Oxygen lasers onto materials to make extremely accurate cuts. Besides creating precise cuts with sleek edges, laser cutting is also able to operate at higher speeds than most industrial cutting techniques. It can also etch parts with part numbers, letters, Icons, instructions, etc.

Advantages of Laser Cutting

  • Laser cutting is able to provide smooth edges at faster speeds by melting instead of cutting, producing little to no burring in the process.
  • Laser cutting is able to make extremely accurate and consistent cuts through the use of computer programing.
  • Can be used to cut complex shapes without the need for tooling.
  • Offers reduced contamination of the workplace compared to traditional mechanical cutting techniques due to non-contact process.
  • Uses significantly less power than other cutting processes.

Water Jet Cutting

Waterjet cutting is a highly precise process that uses high water pressure (60,000 psi) to cut through practically any material without distortion. The process is actually the same as water erosion found in nature, except for the fact it is far more accelerated and concentrated. This type of cutting is often used in the mining industry, aerospace sector, and for fabricating parts of machinery.

Advantages of Waterjet Cutting

  • No heat-affected zone is created during the cutting process. Unlike laser or plasma cutting, waterjet cutting does not alter the physical state of the material being cut or require additional heat treatments after machining.
  • Since waterjet parts are usually cut from sheet material and do not require any special fixtures or tool changes, they offer lower costs than other machining technologies.
  • Waterjet cutting also works on a variety of materials such as
    • Metals: Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum
    • High Temperature and Aerospace Alloys: Titanium, Inconel, Waspaloy, Hastelloy
    • Reflective Metals: Brass, Copper
    • Laminated Materials such as Carbon Fiber
    • Other Materials: Plastics/Acrylics, Composites, Rubber, Fiberglass, Glass, Wood, Stone

Industries Benefiting from metal-fabricated products include:

  • Architectural and Structural Metals Manufacturing
  • Shipping industry
  • Auto and auto Repair Industry
  • Hardware and Hand Tool Manufacturing
  • HVAC Industry
  • Building/Construction Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Farming industry
  • Movie and film industry